Sleep paralysis is terrifying.

Sleep paralysis is terrifying.

Yesterday, I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time… That I know of.

It was so terrifying.

I was in the middle of a nightmare, and I can barely remember all the details. Essentially, it was about these creatures that bore a strong resemblance to the Infected from The Last of Us targeting and killing random people. The only major differences was the fact that they showed some sort of intelligence¬† (they could talk) and no matter what, they empty their victim’s pockets, wallets, purses – whatever – and leave their body with no more than 10% of the contents. It was weird as hell.

At some point, one of the creatures started going after me and I went to hide in a bathroom stall. It almost seemed as if the creature knew me, because its pitched voice seemed so familiar with my name. Suddenly, just as it had found me and was about to attack, I woke up. Except I couldn’t move a muscle.

I knew that I was awake and that it was a nightmare, but I was still really freaked out. Not being able to hop out of bed to calm my nerves didn’t help either, though it only lasted for maybe five minutes. I couldn’t even open my eyes, no matter how hard I tried. It was as if my muscles had shut down and the unnerving feeling of fearfulness had washed over me. All the while I could still “hear” the creature’s steps.

Yeah, it was a freaky experience, regardless of it lasting a relatively short amount of time. Now I’m knee-deep in articles trying to understand sleep paralysis a little better, oh joy.

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