A pencil sharpener is a lot like a good hug…

A pencil sharpener is a lot like a good hug…

Getting one when you need it can make your day a thousand times better.

I don’t really get hugs – except virtual hugs from one of my best friends whenever they’re trying to cheer me up – that often, but I definitely welcome them at the moment. Virtual or not.

Every time I wake up, the first thing I hear every “morning” is news of a new death. I don’t even know how to describe it. Ever since my birthday last week, someone – or something – has died. It’s been a toss up between an animal on my porch or in my yard, or a relative I vaguely remember but still cared about. Every day has been a new heartbreak, and I’m not sure how much more of it I can handle.

I’ve wanted to cry this whole time, but I can’t. I want to, I need to, but I can’t even manage to force out the tears dancing around in my eyes. I haven’t had a good cry in a long time, which is odd for someone who use to cry at anything. Now I just feel numb to the pain.

And yet, even when I’ve come close to breaking down recently, I have some people in my life who have been there to – figuratively – catch me before I fall. They keep me up with random jokes and kind gestures – not out of pity, but out of genuine care. Even if it’s something as small as giving me a random pencil sharpener from their car just so I could use it when it’s their day off.

My heart breaks for those lost in my family, even if I only remember them from memories of when I was a little girl. My soul, however, is thankful for those around me who do anything just to put a smile on my face.

This was a gift from my great-aunt, who died yesterday from cancer. I still have this necklace, and I hope to keep it safe for a very long time.

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