I’m old as balls.

I’m old as balls.

Okay, okay, I know I haven’t posted in a while. I actually had a huge post full of updates that I have been editing, but I thought it’d be better to save that for when I actually have time to make sure I didn’t grammatically screw up anything. Besides, why post that when I can make a post about my birthday instead?

I’m 22 now, meaning it’s almost time for me to get a hip replacement and develop a strange obsession with leaving hard candies in my purse. I’d like to think that with a ferret, three cats, and two dogs, I’ve already landed myself on the “crazy cat lady” spectrum. I’ve already been on a wild nostalgic kick, so I may as well refer to it as me daydreaming about my golden years. You know, back when I could stay up an entire night playing video games and not be exhausted. I definitely miss that.

All jokes aside, I definitely don’t feel any older. I feel exhausted, thanks to a group of kids from my neighborhood knocking on my door ALL DAY while I was trying to sleep because they wanted to play with my cats or borrow my mom’s husband’s soccer ball. Now I’m grumpily eating my rainbow blast birthday cake while seriously considering getting my tubes tied as a late birthday gift… But I think that’s mostly the grumpiness talking. And now, like the cranky old lady I am, I’d like to take a moment to reflect.

A lot has happened since my last birthday; a lot more than I expected to happen. I finished school, even if not in the way I had always hoped. I still plan on going back, but I definitely need a long break. I posted my first fanfic, and I met the fabulous Jenny Lawson. I even got to meet a ton of the cast from The Walking Dead, including my favorite: Melissa McBride. I’ve probably spent half this year starstruck. I started my first job, which has really been helping me with my anxiety and improve my (very poor) social skills.

This year, like my random trips to Walmart but much more exciting, has been an adventure. There’s been difficult times, especially here lately, but there’s almost been wonderful moments in between. I made a goal early this year to start living a life I’d be proud of, and I think I’m on the right track.

I’m looking forward to see what happens next.

PS, still totally going to edit and publish my update post. I’d do it now, but I gotta head to work in a few.


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    1. Super late, but thanks! And don’t worry, I’m just ashamed I didn’t write her an achingly long letter about how much I adore her quirkiness and books.

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