What more would I wish for?

What more would I wish for?

I started to write this long post about my first experience with love, but it was actually harder to write about than I thought it would be. I kept getting off-topic and editing everything over and over again because I wanted to include so many stories of the moments I once shared with a girl who will always have a special place in my heart. Instead, I have decided to narrow the stories down and give each one its own short post here and there in honor of LGBT Pride Month.

It had been two weeks since I last heard from “Beesly,” which was the longest we had ever gone without speaking since meeting. I didn’t really know why she had stopped talking to me all of a sudden, but I knew she must have had her reasons because it was unlike her to just disappear out of nowhere. Part of me was worried that there was a family emergency as she had mentioned that one of her step-sisters was having problems the night before her absence, so all I could do was hope that everything was okay.

One night, I was sitting at the table and was getting ready to take Max on a walk when I felt the need to check my messages. I had been talking to a friend earlier that day and figured he had replied by then, and that is when I saw that my phone was ready to explode with messages from Beesly. She was apologizing for suddenly going quiet and saying how much she missed me, as well as replying to the tons of messages I had left for her to come back to. I had promised to tell her what I thought of The Office, which was her favorite show, and I would send her goofy things so that she had something to laugh at whenever she returned. She was excited that I had fallen in love with The Office and relieved that I had kept messaging her rather than thinking that she had left for good or something.

Before I could even to begin to write back, Max started to bark and tug on his leash because he really needed go outside. I knew it wouldn’t take long and I didn’t want to make Max wait, so I put the phone down and went out. I just felt so happy at the time that I was glad to have a moment alone before anyone could ask me why I was grinning so much.  I just felt so happy. The cold air and clear night only boosted my mood as I watched the stars and thought about everything I wanted to say to her.

I found myself standing near a pile of concrete blocks that the construction crew had left in our yard, looking up at the sky… And that’s when I saw it. A shooting star had just disappeared as fast as it had appeared. It was beautiful and bright, and I was surprised because it was the first time I had ever seen one without there being a meteor shower. It was completely out of the blue and was just as unexpected as it was to suddenly hear from Beesly just a few moments prior. I was excited and overwhelmed with happy thoughts and feelings.

Usually I would make wishes whenever I watched a meteor shower even though I knew it was a silly thing to do, but I didn’t that night. I didn’t close my eyes and make a wish because at that moment I felt like I had everything I could ever want. I couldn’t think of a single thing that was better than what was going on at that time.

After walking around with Max for a little while longer, we went in and I finally had a chance to reply to Beesly. She opened up about why she had stayed away and I completely understood because I had been there myself. What mattered most was that she was okay and feeling good.

I went to bed that night – and every night thereafter over the next couple of weeks – with a smile on my face as I thought about everything that happened. It was then that I decided I would find a way to tell her how I felt.

I know, I know, you guys might feel a little nauseated after reading something kind of lovey-dovey. But hey, it’ll all be over on June 30. Then I can get back to being my annoyingly punny self.

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