LGBT Pride Month 2017!

LGBT Pride Month 2017!

It’s like being patriotic, but with less eagles.

You know, I just realized that I have never really celebrated LGBT Pride Month. I didn’t even know there was a month dedicated to celebrating members of the LGBT+ community, but knowing that there is such a thing fills my heart with joy and warmth. You know, until people start complaining about there not being a “Straight Pride” or start claiming that the LGBT+ community is shoving our “choices” down their throats – and yes, this actually happens. It happens so often that I have personally witnessed it, all the while not even knowing about LGBT Pride Month.

Rather than getting off subject and ranting about homophobic bigots, I want to celebrate this year’s LGBT Pride Month here with you folks. So, over the course of this month I will be sharing my personal stories as a member of the LGBT community.

Basically, this blog is about to get super gay.

Titus gets it.


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