8 thoughts on “I wonder how Big Daddy is doing…

  1. Can I be ShoeDaddy? Or DocDaddy?

    Sometimes I wonder what happened to my best friend Jeff from kindergarten. (I had two best friends…but the other sadly died when we were 21. So I sort of know where she is, generally.)

    1. We should start a band and call it Tres Papas. Or the Daddy Trio.

      Aw, wow, I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Do you still think about her time-to-time? And have you ever thought about contacting your other childhood friend?

      1. I do think about the one who passed away whenever I visit my folks, because she lived right down the street. The other, I haven’t looked him up in years…I should do a search….I don’t suspect he turned out too well, he ran with a less-than-ambitious crowd back in the day, ya know?

        1. Aw, I definitely understand that. It’s why I don’t look one of my old friends up. Though, I did search for my childhood best friend and have been mulling over contacting her. Judging her Facebook profile, she is as sweet and nerdy as I remember her.

          1. Hopefully he ended up on the right track. I remember my mom finding out that one of her childhood friends is now a male porn star…

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