I’m a sentimental time traveler.

I’m a sentimental time traveler.

Okay, so, I didn’t technically travel through time. That’s impossible. And if it weren’t I would have changed a shit ton of things that has happened or I would have accidentally screwed it all worse. But I didn’t, I promise. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could though? (Travelling through time, not accidentally screw everything up.)

Look away, it’s naked!

A few days ago, I purchased a new bookcase because my old one just wasn’t doing its job. My books have been stacked on my computer desk and my laptops have been sitting on my ottoman. I probably should have gotten a new bookcase forever ago, but my laziness if my greatest quality. But now that I finally got a bigger one I have been going through my boxes for books to fill it with, except I didn’t just find books and journals. I found memories from my childhood that I have saved for what feels like ages.

THIS IS OLD AS BALLS. How do I still have this??

First I found this old, beat up book about Rain – the female horse from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – and was brought back to a time when I was, like any little girl, obsessed about horses. I had books on horse facts, a ton of the Breyer figures, and a ton of Spirit merchandise. I never left home without my Spirit and Rain backpack and I always had to bring my VHS tape. It was one of my favorite movies (in other words, I watched it over and over again until it was conveniently “lost,” according to the grownups), until I moved on to The Lion King.

The first (and last) watch I ever wore. I wonder if I can get it a new battery and find a new identical band…

I actually remember the night I ordered this watch. My birthday was coming up, so I picked out this watch and a Cradlin’ Cub Nala from the Internet back when it was still a toddler (the Internet, not me). I loved The Lion King more than I loved any movie. I would play with my plush cubby Simba and Nala’s as if they were going on epic adventures across the savanna; my bed would be covered in stuffed animals and figurines until it was time for bed. I’d watch the movie and its sequel over and over – and I didn’t even like a lot of things about the sequel, so that’s how you know I was dedicated. I knew all of the songs by heart and kept a Hakuna Matata spirit (until puberty hit and worries were EVERYWHERE). It’s still my favorite Disney movie of all time. The Lion King is what led me to finding out fanfiction existed and meeting one of my best friends (hi Sian).

This drawing has seen better days. And can we pretend I didn’t write my name like that all over everything? AND YEAH, THAT’S A HEART WITH WINGS AND A HALO. I WAS A DUMB KID AND THOUGHT IT LOOKED CUTE BADASS.

I asked my youngest brother to draw an alien or a monster for me about 11 or 12 years ago, some time after he was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I don’t know why I had suddenly asked him to draw something for me – I just knew that I wanted it. And then I put it inside my Disney princess photo album, which it where it has remained ever since. Now it is old and torn (and dirty from being old and torn and thanks to glue and dust), but I still wouldn’t throw it out for anything in the world.

Can you believe that he only signed the “From” side? He told me to write my own name on the “To” side. And then he laughed at me when I asked him to write my name, too.

I also kept this Valentine he had given me when we were little, too. I’m 97% sure that our mom made him give us each a card, 3% sure he just wanted to act like he was a little celebrity signing autographs. He’s still as stubborn and sassy as ever.

A girl once tried to steal this from me at elementary school even after explaining where it came from. What the hell? Actually, it was the same girl from my podiatrist dream. Holy shit.

I found this necklace, too. It was given to me when I was about 9 or 10 by my great-aunt. I vaguely remember her telling me that it was given to her by a woman with cancer, so I kept it safe and sound. I’m not sure if I’m remembering correctly though, but that’s what I have vaguely remembered since she gave it to me. Even if I’m wrong and she had just made it herself I’ll still take care of it and it’ll still be important to me.

Is there even a point in saving an un-sharpened pencil simply because of its logo and place of purchase? If so, I’m doing something right (but probably not).

These were also in my box full of memories and junk. They were from my first vacation ever – a very traumatizing vacation full of Jesus posters, deer getting punched in the nose, and a trip to the emergency room. Seriously. It was what taught me that vacations aren’t as glamorous as the movies made them out to be. Also, we technically kidnapped our grandfather – and by kidnapped, I mean tricked him into thinking we were going on a short drive and ending up in North Carolina; at least he enjoyed himself –  but that’s a story long enough to be its own post. Maybe I will write about it next week. Maybe not all the memories were so great, but they certainly give good stories to tell.

Here’s how it looks so far. It isn’t perfect, and I certainly want the physical copies of the books that are missing from my collections, but it’s getting there.Also, if you look very closely you can see my “Shit Happens” button.

I’ve kept a lot of things throughout the years even though they were just pieces of memories that have since passed. They’re full of moments that I will always cherish – moments I’d like to share someday as I create new memories.




8 thoughts on “I’m a sentimental time traveler.

  1. I love this.

    My mom gave each of us a scrapbook a few years ago with stuff like this in it. It’s a treasure.

    Then she promptly gave me ALL her scrapbooking stuff and swore she’d never be doing THAT again. HAHA

    With the watch – take it to Wal-Mart. They can put a battery in and measure to see what size band you need. You can get a nice professional-looking one so you can wear it to work. (Which I do with my Mickey, Taz, and Pepe le Peu watches. Oh and Perry the Platypus.)

    1. Aw, do you still have them? I bet they’re full of nostalgia and goofy memories. :’) I’ve thought about getting into scrapbooking myself, but I feel like I’d accidentally glue my hand to the page or something. lmao

      LOL. I’m guessing she didn’t enjoy it?

      Ooh, I will definitely ask about that! It’d be nice to wear it around again. (That watch collection sounds amazing. I wonder if there are any Tweety watches…)

      1. I absolutely have my scrapbook….and I’ve been scrapbooking pics from my kids for years. It makes the pics more interesting to look at…and I don’t go crazy with it – just some fun paper and cool scissors. (And a glue stick….great for paper but won’t adhere your fingers to your face….)

        I got some watches from eBay…but yeah, you should be able to get a new band in pretty much any style you want. I don’t take my timepieces too seriously. 🙂

        1. Ooh, I bet they must be really fun to look through. I love going through old photo albums, so the scrapbooking process probably makes it that much more special.

          Gotcha. 😀 I’m going to be asking about it today.

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