Books and fuzzy socks make everything okay.

Books and fuzzy socks make everything okay.

If you haven’t noticed yet, most of my blog posts lately have been on the dreary and anxious side. Between trying to find the right moment to come out to my family and dealing with personal problems, I have been feeling super anxious and down lately. This has led to me shutting people out and trying to spend as much time alone as possible (though the latter is partially from introversion).

Instead of just dwelling on negatives and wallowing in a pool of self-pity, I have been relishing the two things that never fail to make my day: Fuzzy socks and a good book. More specifically, fuzzy socks with a grey cat on them and the late and great Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist. I cannot recommend it enough.

Man, I miss Carrie Fisher. Not that I was ever lucky enough to meet her – it would have been an honor to have just been remotely near her location. Like most people, I grew up knowing her as Princess Leia from Star Wars. As I got older and the Internet became a thing in my life, I learned there was so much more to her than the fictional character I had idolized; Carrie Fisher was a voice in so many things, especially mental illness and addiction. She spoke and wrote about it all so elegantly, with beautifully, well-thought humor. I look forward to reading her other books.

A lot of things might be hard right now, but we should always bask in the glory that is fuzzy cat socks and books.

I don’t even know why I used this gif. Disney can fuck off for making her lose weight, especially in such a limited time, to reprise her role.

19 thoughts on “Books and fuzzy socks make everything okay.

  1. I find that the anticipation of an unpleasant conversation is nearly ALWAYS worse than the ACTUAL conversation. And then you’re relieved that it’s over. Are you anticipating a negative reaction from your family?

    If so, we’ll adopt you.

    1. That’s true, except my family is super over-dramatic. If anything, one of my brothers (the one I mentioned before in the coming out post) will laugh and be like “I knew it!” while my other brother will be kind of “eh” about it. My mom, though.. I don’t know how she would react. When she found out my sister was pansexual, she cried to me in the car and asked if it was because she was a bad mother. It was all a mess, so I don’t know how it’d go with me. She is the type to stand up for strangers who are gay, but God forbid if one of us were…

        1. I don’t really think so, considering the night before I had made the coming out post she had learned that Beauty & the Beast was including an openly gay character and seemed weirded out by it. She has said before that “it’s okay to be gay, but I don’t want to see it in public or on TV,” which basically means that it isn’t okay. But who knows? She might not take it sooo bad.

          1. People are so bent about that gay character on B&tB. HELLO he was ALWAYS gay, were you not paying attention….and THAT bothers you but not dancing dishes and beastiality? #priorities

          2. Exactly!!
            Also, SHE ACTUALLY DEFENDED THE BEASTIALITY PART BECAUSE IT’S “NATURAL” FOR WOMEN TO WANT A BEASTLY GUY. People are strange and weird, and this time not in a whimsical way.

          3. Let’s not forget Ariel being 16 and saying she knows best when it comes to her wanting to be with a guy she had only ever seen once… When you think of it, Disney’s stories are really messed up. But then you read the original stories and suddenly Disney is back to being #1. Lmao

            Princes and the Frog – could you imagine how many kids started kissing frogs after watching that?

          5. I LOOKED IT UP AND APPARENTLY over 50 kids in the US got sick after trying to copy that movie. Holy crap.

          6. Oh shit..
            Dear kids that might read this: DON’T KISS THE FROGS. And maybe not read this blog until you’re older.


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