What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

I’ve been feeling pretty down lately, so instead of dwelling on it and crashing and burning, I am going to list off some things that make me happy. Maybe they will make you happy, too?

Baby elephants! Seriously, elephants are the purest creatures in the world.

Chubby cats! I want to call it Meatloaf.

This gif, holy crap. If I wanted to personify my anxiety or mood, it would be based on this.

Anime! The cartoons for adults (not like that, you perverts).

“Old” cartoons. Teen Titans was one of my go-to shows when I was a kid.

OLD cartoons! The Flintstones was a classic.

Ron Swanson’s laugh. I can’t not laugh when he laughs.

Rainy days! I sleep better and feel significantly happier when it drizzles.

Sleeping, dreaming, cat’s that are dreaming as they sleep. All of these are very important to me.

The night sky! Looking up at the stars at night makes everything okay.

Pizza… Food… If you looked at me and said that food has NEVER made you happy EVER, you’re lying.

If you’re ever in a bad mood and start to dwell on it, try thinking about the things that make you happy until you eventually make yourself hungry for a slice of pizza.



15 thoughts on “What makes you happy?

          1. MAAAYBE it’s because my mom always made it super strong rather than sweet, but I feel like it’d be what stabs me in the morning. HOW DOES ONE ENJOY COFFEE

          2. That is the best thing anyone has ever called me. :’) And besides, at least you are probably adulting right.

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