Run away or she’ll kill you!

Run away or she’ll kill you!

Of course the first time I actually remember a dream in weeks is the time I have a nightmare.

It began with me getting ready for some sort of Harry Potter convention. I was in my room and looking for an outfit to wear. Just as I am about to put on a navy blue shirt with the Ravenclaw crest in rhinestones, my mom barges in and says she has a surprise.

By now I am completely annoyed and put the shirt on as fast as I can while scolding her for not knocking, only to see some guy about my age standing with her. Cue me being REALLY annoyed and confused. My mom noticed this, so she explained that she had found me a date for the convention. I was not having it, for so many reasons, so I decided that if I pretended I was sick and not going he would leave, right? Right? Wrong.

The guy decides to stay and hang out with my family, so I ran off to my room to avoid him. While he seemed like a normal person, he gave me weird vibes to not trust him. I couldn’t pinpoint why, but something about him rubbed me the wrong way and I kept trying to figure out what it was. Eventually I just decided that it was because I was annoyed and pissed at my mom and taking it out on a complete stranger.

I became thirsty after a while so I finally left my room to look for some homemade butterbeer (after all, I missed the con and was still very much in a Harry Potter mood). I was about to give up finding some until I remembered that I put a cup inside my mom’s mini fridge in her room.

Assuming she was gone for a while, I opened the door only to find her and the dude from earlier making out hot and heavy. It was so unbelievably disgusting. They stopped when they saw me, but the weirdness was just getting started. He kept a blank expression the whole time. She acted like a completely different person. I was perplexed at what to say because: 1) She was married and her husband was just in the next room. 2) He was about my age, which made it really weird because she’s old enough to be his mother. 3) When is it ever not awkward to walk in on a parent about to do the naughts?

At this point, my mom is acting as if she is very drunk. Except she wasn’t drunk or high; I could just tell as I watched her that she wasn’t intoxicated. So what was going on? Why was my mom suddenly cheating with this boy? Why was she now acting like a rich, horny sorority girl in a movie? I tried to confront the dude on whether he did anything to her, but instead he stared blankly and sat to watch TV. I was pretty irritated by now and had no idea on what to do.

I ended up talking my mom into sitting on the porch for some fresh air while she kept complaining and trying to pick an argument with me. I finally had a moment of peace, which I really wanted to enjoy. Except I couldn’t because it was too peaceful. I looked outside and found my mother laying on the porch and not breathing.

Frantic, I tried to run out there to try to save her, but the guy was now blocking my way and saying it was too late. I tried to shove him away, but he just wouldn’t budge. This went on for what felt like forever. I started to worry that it was no longer safe there so I started helping my brothers pack so we could stay with our grandparents. We were close to getting my youngest brother’s medical supplies packed when I suddenly heard my mother talking outside. She was alive, but she looked dead. She kept staring at me idly, in a way far more concerning than how the guy had been.

For some reason, the only thing that came to mind was Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. I tried to warn my brothers as she slowly made her way up the steps. I told them to get out, but I knew that the one she wanted most was me. I ran to my room and tried to barricade the door so I could pack an outfit or two and run away to safety. I could hear my mother coming closer and talking about how she was hungry. She started to twist my doorknob, asking if I wanted something to eat and letting me once again know that she was hungry. This rattled my bones to the core, so I ditched my backpack and escaped through the window.

All I could think about was getting away. I didn’t stop for a moment to go the shorter route so I could get away faster. I just wanted out of there. It was when she was looking out my window and starting to climb out that I realized my mistake. I wanted to run around and confuse her, or even try to go back and take her on so that maybe I could tie her up, but I knew that the moment she caught me would be the moment she killed me. I just kept running until I saw that my brother was loading a truck with supplies because he planned on driving away to safety with our younger brother.

I quickly realized that I might not lose her on foot, but I was also too far from the truck. I started crying and running towards my zombie of a mother so that I could distract her while they escaped. She was able to firmly grab hold of me, despite her weak appearance, and once again told me she was hungry. The last thing I saw before it went black was the dude facing us from the window. It was like he was still staring except now he had no eyes. It was just two black circles of emptiness.

… And then I woke up. It was so strange and creepy. It was nothing like Pet Sematary, and yet I still have Pet Sematary vibes from it.

Is this what I get for only sleeping about three hours each night for two weeks?

5 thoughts on “Run away or she’ll kill you!

    1. LOL. It hurts just reading that. Please tell me you peaked under the covers to make sure! Or at least sigh in relief when you realized it was just a dream.

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