So, today is…

So, today is…

Extraterrestrial Culture Day

Because, of course, we should take a moment to celebrate those living on Uranus. And hey, now you can use the line, “Hey girl, your ass is out of this world.” I guarantee that she will love* this.


*She actually might hate this and beg you to stop with the astronomical pick-up lines. Shame on you, Sian.

International Book Giving Day

What?!?! I thought that Booksgiving already happened! Can we have another?

International Quirkyalone Day

Because no matter what, we are ALL Queens and should treat ourselves as such.

National Condom Day

Should I even explain this one? Oh, and it is also National Impotence Day, too. I feel like these two should be grouped.

Read To Your Child Day

Remember: You can only read to your child today. Not tomorrow, not the day after that; it has to be today and today only until next year.

Valentine’s Day

A totally useless holiday that makes people feel like they HAVE to buy their SO a gift or else you are a terrible person who does not deserve to celebrate National Condom Day with them. Also a reminder that if you don’t have a date today or any romantic happenings, you are apparently a loser even though the only ones who probably truly enjoy this holiday are companies that monopolizes the hell out of frantic customers who just want to do something special, for someone special, because they are pressured into thinking they have to bluntly prove their love to the extremes.

Not going to lie though, even I tend to get caught up with some feels on this holiday. Why? I blame those parties in elementary school where the kid with the most Valentine’s was obviously the badass of the bunch. Curse those scribbly words on badly-cut heart-shaped red and pink construction paper!

Yeah, there are a ton of holidays going on today. I didn’t even list all of them here because I want to get back to re-reading my favorite manga while snuggling my dog, but you can check them out here.

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