There is nothing more therapeutic than a hot shower.

There is nothing more therapeutic than a hot shower.

Or I have yet to find something that is.

When I was little, I didn’t care for showers. I thought they were boring and, again, I just didn’t care for them. I can’t think of many kids who liked showers; however, I loved baths. Not just bubble baths, but bath-baths. I would waddle around and splash in the tub, pretending I was a mermaid swimming through the ocean with the fishes, or as if I were a penguin enjoying a dip in the Antarctic Ocean. And, when I did have a bubble bath, I would give myself a Santa beard and blow the bubbles everywhere, and even try to make formations with the bubbles (bubble volcano, anyone?) all the time.

But since I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate hot showers. I mean, seriously appreciate them. It’s the only time when I can really clear my head or think about my troubles, or even to just cheer myself up. It’s the only place where I feel comfortable crying when I really need to, which is probably more often than I’d like to admit.

Maybe I am just overly dependent on using showers to improve my mood, but it always works like a charm. It is as if when I am in the shower I am washing the day away and giving myself new perspectives. It is just a really relaxing thing that I always look forward to.

My advice to anyone who is having a stressful day or just in a random-emotional-monster mood: Treat yourself to a hot shower or sudsy bubble bath, allow yourself to have a good cry, and wash it all away. Even if it doesn’t help you the way it helps me, at least you had a moment of peace, alone time, and you smell a little less weird. And quite possibly a nice Santa bubble beard.

15 thoughts on “There is nothing more therapeutic than a hot shower.

    1. Bonus points if you sung songs from The Little Mermaid. And yes, hot showers during cold days are amazing! They’re like the highlight of winter.

        1. Oh gosh, it is so easy to forget that things we grew up with weren’t around forever, lol (I cannot agree more with the shower acoustics thing).

          1. “BRANDON WANTS TO KNOW IF YOU LIKE HIM” Bam, three embarrassed kids and the teacher makes her answer in front of the class

          2. Oh gosh, the worst time it happened to me was at a school dance. My friend, who coincidentally was also named Katie, had a crush on a guy so our other friend and I sent him a note to help her out. I think a teacher had found it on the floor or something, because she called us ALL over saying she found it and asked us to explain (it wasn’t anything dirty or weird, but still REALLY embarrassing for all involved). Oh my God..

          3. Now that is true goals, lol. I feel like I’m still at that point where I die about a hundred times a day, so at least I’m getting somewhere.

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