Casper, did you age into Steve Stevens?

Casper, did you age into Steve Stevens?

Not the guitarist Steve Stevens, no, I mean the fictional character played by Tom Virtue on the old Disney Channel show, Even Stevens. But it would definitely be something if Casper did age into the guitarist Steve Stevens.

To explain, I woke up at 6:22 AM from a weird dream/nightmare and now that I’m back up, I thought I would share this dream here. It wasn’t necessarily that creepy. I mean, it wasn’t like the other strange dreams (I’m looking at you, podiatrist dream!) I tend to have, but it was still enough to weird me out. I don’t even know why it was weirding (screw you, spellcheck, weirding is a real word and should be treated as such!) me out so much, but it did.

So instead of me just going on a rant about it, how’s about I just share it?

I was twelve again and living back in one of my childhood homes (fun fact: this house ended up getting demolished when we moved out because the landlord wanted to build a brand new house). It wasn’t anything fancy – just a simple three bedroom home on top of a hill.

It was nighttime and, for some reason, I had decided to sleep in the van. For some weirder reason, my mom was actually okay with this (which if I had actually asked to do this at that age or even now, she would freak out and ask me if I’m crazy). Instead of sleeping, however, I kept myself busy with my phone because I did not want to go to sleep. It wasn’t as if I was just being a stubborn child that did not want to sleep or anything like that. I was afraid, and I didn’t know why. I was afraid of the dark outside the house and I was afraid of being inside the house, but I wasn’t sure which of the two I was more fearful of.

Just as my phone was about to die, something outside caught my eye. It wasn’t something scary or strange (well, it would be strange to see this in southern Kentucky, but you know what I mean). It was the Northern Lights appearing out of nowhere. I watched as the lights danced in the sky, mesmerized by their gleam. This distraction from whatever I was fearing was enough to calm me down.

As quickly as they appeared, the spectacle left the sky and I was once again left alone in the darkness. The fears once again began to consume me and, in a moment of panic, I gathered my things and ran back inside as fast as I could. My family was getting ready for bed, so I had managed to come in just before my mom had locked the door.

Taylor: 01 – Fears: 00

I walked to the living room and, for some reason, my youngest brother’s bed was in there. But I didn’t question it. In this dream it was normal for such an occurrence. I actually found comfort in this because it meant I could sleep on the couch without fear of the darkness because of his nightlight.

My new task was to go to my room and get some extra pillows so the couch would be more comfortable. This wouldn’t be a problem except that I was reluctant to go to my room. I was more afraid of going to my room than anything, but I chose to get it over with.

It was cold enough that I could see my breath when it exhaled. Aside from the small bit of light from the hallways, it was totally dark. The only lit area was the path to my room’s entrance to my old white dresser, which was covered in clothes. And while I was there just for the pillows, I decided to go to the dresser and start digging through the clothes. It was as if I were a dog digging for a bone, but instead of a bone I found something else: coins. Tons and tons of coins. I was surprised to see so many, much less to find them there of all places.

Before I could inspect this “treasure,” I heard the sound of a man saying something incoherently. It was enough to make me flee my room.

Taylor: 01 – Fears: 01

Back to the safety of the living room, I tried to tell my mom what I heard. She just kind of shrugged it off and said I was hearing things, but I knew what I heard and was not going to ignore it. Before I could say anything else, my mom asked me to check outside and to lock the doors for the night. I did as I was told and as soon as I opened the door I saw him. Steve Stevens (aka Tom Virtue).

He was dressed like Mr. Clean and smiled at me. Oh, and he was a ghost. I momentarily froze up, not able to scream or run off. I kept thinking that I needed to scream, and scream loudly. But I couldn’t. I was paralyzed in fear for several seconds. It was not until he looked down at me and said something (I can’t remember what he said, just that it sounded creepily polite) that I finally was able to slam the door and scream for my mother as I ran to tell her what I just witnessed.

Taylor: 01 – Fears: 02

I finally talked her into checking outside, and she did. But it wasn’t outside anymore. Our front door opened into what looked like the Springfield Retirement Castle from The Simpsons, except it was solid white and not a cartoon. Its residents (Abe Simpson, Jasper Beardly, and even Hans Moleman) were also there, and they looked like they were all made of clay.

The ghost of Steve Stevens/Tom Virtue/Mr. Clean was not there, and it angered me. Everything changed and the ghost wasn’t there, and it made me angry. So I ran past my mom, aged back to 21, and started shouting at the ceiling.

This is pretty much how I looked, except I looked like me and it was indoors.

I woke up at this point and, as I said, was completely weirded out. I wasn’t scared or anything; it’s just funny and strange how our minds come up with these sort of things.

Oh, and:

Fears totally won that dream.

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    1. I never knew that! It’s really interesting when you think about it. In my dream, I was afraid, then contempt, then afraid and confused, and finally angry. (The brain certainly knows how to make its twists and turns!)

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