Halloween is coming and everything is pumpkin now

Halloween is coming and everything is pumpkin now

Halloween is Coming

Wow, I thought that image would be wider. But at least it’s actually something. I mentioned in my last post how I wanted to spruce up the place, so this is an okay start. PS – Canva is amazing for creating graphics.

Anyways, it is now a little over two weeks until Halloween, so obviously everything is now pumpkin spice flavored or scented. Pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin spice candy, pumpkin spice poptarts, pumpkin spice pretzels; everything is pumpkin spice. Right now I am surprised that there are no pumpkin spice baby wipes or pumpkin spice scented socks, but I am sure that someone will be working on these things soon.

I love-hate the whole pumpkin spice fad that begins every late September. I love that everyone gets to have fun with it and how everyone tries to pumpkin spicify (apparently spicify is not a real word; take that, Webster!) everything, but I also really hate pumpkin. I could never really enjoy its scent and taste, but I love seeing them carved. I feel like I might sound weird or silly by saying this, but I actually prefer candy corn over pumpkin spice when it comes to Halloween/fall treats. Well, mostly for Halloween, but you get what I mean. Candy corn (and Halloween themed Kit Kats and Reese Cups) is one of the things I look forward to the most around this time of year. That and seeing everyone’s costumes – some people are so creative that it blows me away. I’m on the fence about dressing up this year, considering how ridiculous I looked last year as a witch (green face paint and all).

Aside from the whole pumpkin spice thing, I really do love this time of year. Fall is probably my favorite season; everything is so beautiful during this time. The air is not so dry and the leaves are changing colors. You can wear either cooler or warmer clothing without really worrying about freezing or burning up. You can snuggle under a warm blanket with soup and watch the Autumn showers from the window. And a ton of my favorite shows premier during the fall, so that is something I have been enjoying a lot. There’s also movies like Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus coming on now, which have been my favorite movies since I was little.

Fall is like a really beautiful, simple, and nostalgic time of year that I wish I could live in forever.

6 thoughts on “Halloween is coming and everything is pumpkin now

    1. I think I would just be happy if it could just be Fall and Spring year round. No giant piles of snow and no massive heat waves. 😛

        1. I wouldn’t care so much for summer if it wasn’t full of wasps or if it stayed warm, but not devil’s-pee-warm. Then again, it depends on the areas we’re in, so it’s probably more comfortable there. c:

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