Am I sleepy or am I not sleepy?

Am I sleepy or am I not sleepy?

Trick question! The correct answer is both.

Do you ever have those nights where you are exhausted and want to fall asleep, but just can’t seem to drift off? Is there a word for such an occasion– oh yeah, insomnia. That’s what it is.

Every once in a while I am hit with insomnia and just cannot get myself to fall asleep. I usually keep my phone off and lay there waiting, but tonight I decided to just go ahead and browse on my phone for an hour. I already know that I will be up regardless of me distracting myself with the Tipsy Bartenders videos or not, so I may as well learn how to make a spiked cosmic brownie milkshake. And yes, I am definitely trying that out asap. It’s like adulting while embracing your inner child.

Now I am just sitting here and typing this while watching Hey Arnold on The Splat. I use to love this cartoon a lot when I was little, and even now I am still entertained by it. Well, that might mostly be nostalgia. Some of the supporting characters really get on my nerves. Especially Sid. What is going on with that nose? It’s unnatural! Then again, I am talking about a show whose main character has a head shaped like a football. That doesn’t change the fact that Sid is bugging me.

I mean, look at that nose! It is a different color from his skin and begins at his forehead!
I mean, look at that nose! It is a different color from his skin and it begins at his forehead! Why?!

Oh yeah. In my last post, I wrote about how my local library was holding a comedy and pizza night with open mic. I was totally going to attend and participate, but I ended up staying home to do some work in my accounting class. It’s a shame that I could not go though – I had a whole line of lame jokes that I was going to use. I was even going to use how anxious I most likely would have been for some of my material, kind of as a way to mellow myself out. I’m not sure if many people around here would appreciate my sense of humor, but I think at least someone would have gotten a kick out of it. I mean, I am one of the funniest people I know. Someday I will have my open mic night. Someday.

And now Charlie has just knocked down all of my things from my table. I would take a picture and share it here, but my room is messy and it’s dark in here anyways. I suppose this is my cue to stop and try to get some rest. Nighty night guys.

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