Birthday Blog!

Birthday Blog!

Hi everyone!

So today was my 21st birthday. Well, yesterday technically. But still, isn’t that exciting? Usually when people (in the US) turn 21 they celebrate by joining friends at a bar or club and getting wasted. I celebrated it by eating ice cream cake, ordering cheesy bread from Domino’s, and starting my own blog. This might seem kind of dull to a bunch of you, but for my introverted self this was the perfect way to celebrate such an occasion. Well, I would not have minded getting a little tipsy, but now that I am 21 I can do that another day. Yay.

Why gift myself this blog? Well, the truth is that I have been thinking about doing this for a while now. I just wanted to put it off until my birthday so I might have something interesting to write about. Which, I almost launched this blog earlier this month while I was participating in GISHWHES. It was a strange experience, but a wonderful one as well. And even though I was very tempted to start this blog exactly 8 minutes and 34 seconds (as stated in the “GISHWHES Commandments“) after the Hunt ended, I decided to just keep waiting as planned. That did not stop me from writing about my experience with the Hunt, which you can find here.

On my 20th birthday, I decided to start a diary to write about all of my 20-something experiences and memories. And when that went down the toilet, I started a new one on New Year’s Day of this year for pretty much the same reason. It also included a list of resolutions that I swore I would complete. Did I actually complete anything on my resolution list? Nope. And I can live with knowing that quite fine, thank you very much.

Anyways, I decided to start this for a lot of the same reason that I started those diaries. Except this will be a lot less personal and more of just me talking about random crap that no one really cares for. Maybe some of you will relate to what I talk about and want to keep reading it. Or maybe you will just be curious and stumble upon my blog whilst browsing through the Internet abyss. For whatever reason, thanks for checking it out. I promise it will get better. Or worst. Let’s just hope that I actually keep up with this though. If not, feel free to challenge me to a water balloon fight until I drag myself out of bed to update this.

Oh, and I know that this title is kind of lame. Sorry about that. It actually took me about 30 minutes to come up with it. And as I have written this, my indecisiveness is making me want to change it to something a little more interesting and witty. But at the same time I am getting pretty sleepy and my brain is not ready for that kind of pressure right now.

I guess I should hit the sack right now. Actually, why do they call it that? I don’t want to hit my bed. I want to dive in it and get lost in the covers. Shame on whoever is hitting their beds.

Good night everyone!

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